Our Story

Over the Years

Our company has been around for over 80 years. But there might not be a single thing we do today that we did back then. And we’re proud of that.


Founding of O’Meara Sumnar Insurance

John O’Meara founded the O’Meara Insurance Agency in Hillsdale, Michigan. In 1965, Edmund Sumnar moved from Chicago, IL to Hillsdale, MI to join John and became the O’Meara-Sumnar Agency in 1966. John passed in 1974, leaving Edmund to assume management. Edmund’s son, Christopher, joined him in 2002. In 2010 Edmund retired, leaving Christopher to run the agency.


Scholl Insurance

Earl and Susie Scholl founded Scholl Insurance, another family-owned and operated agency in Hillsdale, Michigan. Their sons, Larry & Robert, joined the business in the mid-1940s. Larry unexpectedly passed in 1973, leaving Robert to run the agency until 1980 when his son, Ronald, and Larry’s daughter, Kathy, took control. Kathy retired in 2012, leaving Ronald to run Scholl Insurance.



Christopher Sumnar of O’Meara-Sumnar Insurance and Ronald Scholl of Scholl Insurance decided to join forces, fusing their grandfather’s agencies into one: The Sumnar-Scholl Insurance Agency. Through this merge, Sumnar and Scholl began researching ways they could deliver more value to their clients beyond insurance placement.



The Sumnar-Scholl Insurance Agency acquired Dean Insurance Agency, Inc. – another family owned and operated agency – in Coldwater, Michigan. Founded in 1952 by John Dean, the Dean Insurance Agency was then transitioned to Dean’s son, Jeffrey, in 1972. Jeffrey retired in 2018. His daughter, Michelle (who joined Dean Insurance Agency in 1998), continues to serve clients at the Coldwater location.



In 2017, Sumnar-Scholl changed their name to Vested Risk Strategies as they took title in a more holistic and collaborative perspective on risk. Their new name isn’t a marketing play, it’s why they exist.

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Vested Risk Strategies provides insurance, employee benefits, and risk strategies to hard-working individuals, families, and businesses across the upper-midwest from our 2 locations in Michigan.

Our agency is licensed in the state of Michigan.