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Insurance Alone Isn’t Enough

When it comes to risk, there is a common misperception that insurance can solve your problems. That by buying insurance, you don’t have to worry about the things that ultimately determine how much you pay for insurance and employee benefits (your safety record, how healthy you are, etc.).


At Vested Risk, we know that risk goes far beyond just what you buy insurance to cover. That’s why the majority of our job is spent understanding your business and the risk factors that impact you and your insurance costs.

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A true Risk Strategy is about taking ownership of your company’s culture and changing behaviors in a way that makes your people behave safer (and grows your business and its profits).

And when it comes to shifting behaviors, the hardest part is changing culture. We bring to the table a long-term approach to making cultural improvements, which ultimately result in fewer injuries, better employee satisfaction, and increased employee retention.

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Vested Risk Strategies provides insurance, employee benefits, and risk strategies to hard-working individuals, families, and businesses across the upper-midwest from our 2 locations in Michigan.