Our History

Some things change for the better. Better things shouldn’t change.

Our company has been around for over 80 years. But there might not be a single thing we do today that we did back then. And we’re proud of that.
We are constantly changing to deliver the best ideas and risk management solutions available. And we never settle for the “old way of doing things.”

However, at the core of our company our beliefs are unwavering. Our clients deserve the best ideas, innovative ways to mitigate their risks, and insurance and risk management products that protect their company’s value. And this will never change.

Some companies change their name to create attention and create a marketing buzz. But in the end, nothing really changes. In 2017 Sumnar-Scholl changed our name to Vested Risk Strategies as we took title in a more holistic and collaborative perspective on risk.

We recognized our clients could benefit with a fresh approach to viewing business and personal risk. Rather than accepting risk, we help you build a strategy to minimize risk and creatively finance that risk.

What won’t change is our commitment to serving our clients and our focus on being your trusted advisor.