Vested Risk Strategies is a name with purpose.

About Us

At Vested Risk, our goal is to be a trusted advisor to our clients, not just a traditional insurance agent selling insurance as a commodity based exclusively on price. We help identify, prioritize and build a strategy to manage the risks you, your family and business face, delivering peace of mind and a sense of control beyond just insurance.

Vested Risk Strategies evolved out of a very careful and deliberate purpose to help you take control of your insurance and benefits programs. Vested Risk Strategies believes an opportunity exists for you to move away from traditional insurance products to take advantage of risk strategies customized to your unique needs.

The challenge:

Bring the tools and concepts formally reserved for mega-companies to our clients in a straight forward fashion.

Vested Risk Strategies is a name with purpose. We are committed to taking ownership in risk with you to grow your business with a greater certainty.